Turkish Universities is a company with a young and dynamic team, located in the center of Istanbul and gives services for students all over the world, with our highest educations standards we provide the opportunity to study in Turkey with a lot of options. Founders of the company have over 20+ years of experience in the Internation Education industry and well reputation. Our experienced team will guide you through your application process with our official representatives in your home country.
You just need to choose your dream program either in the foundation or public universities partners through our search engine and submit your documents to us or our official representatives, that’s all…


  • Giving priority to the needs and expectations of our students so that we can reach top-level success with our students.
  • Supporting the students and making a smooth, easier application process to their dream programs.
  • Offering service with a professional staff.
  • Keeping all our promises.


our vision
  • The most important principle is to make students reach their targets in an efficient way.
  • Working closely with our partner institutes to offer to best options for our students.
  • Increase the awareness of the quality of Turkish Education and represent our partners on international platforms.